Swiv-L-Stop Floats (1" dia. 4 per pkg.)

Swiv-L-Stop Floats (1" dia. 4 per pkg.)
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Tired of the aggravation of the swivel getting caught in your rod tip and the resulting expense of replacing your rod tips? Try our NEW Swiv-L-Stop Foam float. This new patented foam technology float will not break apart or fill up with water and sink. Our Swiv-L-Stop slides freely up and down your line when Bottom Fishing. Choose from one of our 3 highly visible fluorescent colors that let you know exactly where your line is, whether fishing from a pier or boat, and can also be used on outriggers. When reeling in your line, the Swiv-L-Stop will float until your line swivel comes in contact lifting it out of the water and acting as a buffer between your swivel and rod tip.